Backend as a Service

Backend as a Service - What is it?

A BaaS is a service that systematizes backend development and manages server-side infrastructure. Using a backend as a service, you will delegate server maintenance and management responsibilities to a 3rd party and focus on frontend development. Also, a mBaaS will provide features to help you create backend code and accelerate the development process. It is pre-built components like data management, APIs, social media integrations, file storage, and push notifications.

Why use a BaaS?

A backend as a service will resolve 2 issues:

·     Speed up backend creation
·     Cloud infrastructure management

Benefits and Drawbacks

Here are the advantages and cons of using a BaaS.


·     No need to worry about infrastructure
·     Development price - it's very cheap
·     Speed of development - it's super fast


·     A lower level of customization compared to a custom backend
·     Less flexibility compared to custom coding
·     Vendor Lock-In for Closed Source Platforms

BaaS and mBaas are the same things?

Yes! MBaaS handles mobile projects and BaaS web projects.

BaaS – When to use it?

Here are 3 common use cases for using a BaaS:

·     Creating a Minimum Viable Product
·     Applications that require a small number of integrations
·     Non-mission critical enterprise applications

For the present use cases, using a backend as a service is the right choice and will save you a lot of money and time.

What features does a BaaS have?

A BaaS will provide features that can be implemented to apps of all categories. Examples are:

·     Data management
·     Push Notifications
·     Email Verification
·     Social Integration
·     Authentication
·     Cloud Code Functions
·     Geolocation
·     Push Notifications
·     Logs
·     CDN and Cache
·     Infrastructure

BaaS Companies

1.    Back4App
2.    Firebase
3.    Parse
4.    Kinvey
5.    Backendless
6.    Cloudkit
7.    Kumulos
8.    Game Sparks
9.    Playfab


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Backend as a Service

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